Kennel Cevan

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About Kennel Cevan

Kennel Cevan have kept Caucasian Shepherd Dogs since 2001.  My first litter where in 2003.  In my first litter,  1 male and 3 females where born.  The male Aico Nagazi is now Norwegian Champion and father of Champions in Finland.  From my second litter, there where 7 males and 1 female born.  I kept the female Birma from this litter, and she is now Norwegian Champion and also Swedish Winner 2008.

Kennel Cevan is registered with the FCI and is approved by the Norwegian animal health authorities.

Kennel Building Cevan Kennel

Kennel Cevan is a small kennel, located in the country side and sourrounded by forest and fields with sheep gracing.  Our facilities include 1 large run at about 1 acre, and some smaller outdoor kennels.  We also have 1 kennel building, while most of the time I keep some dogs inside with me in the evenings and the night.  Puppies are born inside my house in a quiet room upstairs.  When they are about 3 weeks of age I bring the litter and the mother downstairs into the living room and kitchen where they stay until they are leaving for their new homes.  At 4-5 weeks of age, the puppies are taken outside several times a day.  In the summer the door are open, and puppies are free to go outside whenever they like to do so. 

Where we live Kennel Cevan

About me

My name is Cindy Andersen, I am 46 years old, have 1 son and 1 grand daughter.  All my life I have loved all kinds of animals.  Mostly dogs and horses, but I even had cows, sheep, goats, parrots, birds, chicken, iguana, congo snake and rabbits.  In my younger days I had license to drive throtters on the race track, and I have owned several race horses and riding horses.  Nowadays, dogs have my full attention.  I am an authorized ring steward in the Norwegian Kennel Klub.  Also I have completed several courses about breeding and cynologi in general. I am also an administrator of the international ovcharka pedigree project.

Cindy Andersen Kennel Cevan